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The Chair lyrics


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     The Chair
    >> Marty Robbins
        All night long , I tried, but couldn't sleep
    Tried to be a man, tried not to weep
    Now, I hear the turning of the key
    Silently, the guard motions to me
    Now, I realize the end is near
    And I find I can't control my fear
    As I pass the guard, I start to cry
    And I whisper, " I don't want to die"
    Then, from Death Row comes a whisper
    "Charlie, be a man"
    Then, I scream, "Just wait 'til your turn
    Then, see if you can"
    Down the hall, they push and carry me
    Blind with fright and tears won't let me see
    Through a door and then, I stop and stare
    'Cause I see it, there it is, the chair
    Then, they strap me in and turn to leave
    And the Prison Chaplain says, "Believe
    Faith in God will cause Him to forgive"
    I have faith, but still, I wanna live
    Suddenly, I'm paralized
    This must be the end
    My body jerks and trembles
    And they turn it on again
    As quickly as it came, the pain is gone
    I hear music. Someone sings a song
    Suddenly, I seem to float through air
    Something's wrong, 'cause I'm still in the chair
    In the room, there's hardly any light
    And I see the Doctor dressed in white
    I hear every word that's plainly said
    Did I hear him say, "This man is dead"
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